I was just think how Michelle Obama is said to be a man

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I was just think how Michelle Obama is said to be a man

Post by 007 on Thu Mar 09, 2017 9:35 pm

They say Michelle Obama is a man(which i believe) but some say Barrack and Michelle have two daughters lets look at some of the facts people have pointed out

1) There is no pictures of Michelle Obama pregnant

2)There is no pictures of her with the babies

3) there is clearly pictures of her have a bulge in her pants

4)Her/His looks (s)he looks very masculine

ok now my thought

Valerie Jarred has been around them for decades(long enough to be the girls real mother) while a ugly woman it's clear she is a woman, He leaves office and she moves in with him, Michelle and Sasha(very strange), Barrack's duaghters look nothing like Michelle but they do have similar features of Valerie Jarred.

Could be that Jarred is the girls mother so he left her move in to stay close to her daughters and is it possible that Barrack plays for both teams and Jarred is his lover so when he doesn't feel like a almond joy bar he goes to Jarred for a Mounds Bar.

(posted it here because The left on that other board would go crazy and attack and get away with and two it might get deleted, locked or even get me ban,) I'm looking forward to your thoughts


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